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Команда форума
Good and old PTS Interlude server. Opening on April 23, 19:00 Moscow time.

  • Classic PTS Interlude server.
  • Exp/Sp - x10, Adena - x10, Drop - x10, Spoil - x10, RB - x5, Quest - x5 SealStone - x5.
  • Opening April 23, 2021 19:00 Moscow time. Start OBT 19 April, 2021 18:00 Moscow time.

7 sings:
  • The first week is the fight stage, the second week is the victory stage.
  • Blacksmith of Mammon and Black Marketeer of Mammon available in the gm shop.

  • Full buffs, without resists . Duration 2 hours. The number of slots for buffs is 30, 6 slots for debuffs.

  • D, C, B grade for adena.
  • A grade recipes for Festival Adena.
  • The store has all the necessary supplies.
  • All prices are indexed according to adena's drop from mobs.
  • Drop Festival Adena from all mobs of level 78 and higher.

  • Chance to catch a skill top grade-10%, high grade-5%, medium grade-3% - low grade -1%
Profession and sub-class:
  • The first and second professions are free of charge. The third profession is 10kk adena and 10 FA.
  • Sub-class without quest, but the price for getting 10kk adena.

  • А whole quest, the ingredients are in the GM shop. Rebirth of Barakiel 6 hours +30 minutes random.

The great Olympiad:
  • The Olympiad period is 1 week
  • Start at 18:00 Moscow time, end at 0:00 Moscow time.
  • Maximum enchantment on Olympus +6.
  • 1 window 1 character.

Castle sieges:
  • Sieges every 2 weeks on Saturdays and Sundays from 18: 00 to 20: 00.
  • Saturday: Goddart, Gludio, Dion, Giran. Sunday: Aden, Rune Innadril, Oren.

Clan system:
  • The maximum number of people in a clan is 140.
  • 1 clan in the alliance.

Raid and epic bosses:
  • All epic bosses have an evening fixed respawn time.
  • Epic bosses will be dead in the beginning.
  • Epic boss levels are classic except for Bayum, his level has been raised to 80.
  • Ring of Core +3% P atc, Earring of Orfen +3% M atc.

  • Added recipes for X100 resources.
  • Mana potion recovers 500 mana. CD 10 seconds.
  • Added a drop/spoil patch.
  • Vip status applies to all members of the group evenly.
  • Auto learning skills. Exception: Boost HP, Fast HP recovery, and Flames of invisibility.
  • All characters are created in top NG equipment and with a stock of necessary consumables.
  • Auto loot is implemented for purchasing an item in the GM shop in the Others section.
  • Summon is prohibited in Hot Springs.
  • Flames of Invincibility cd 60 minuts.
  • The exchange coin was added to the GM shop in the Others section. 1 coin=500kk.

The description for the start of the project may change slightly.
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